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Inter-Countries Service

Impressive destinations like Nicaragua and Costa Rica become more popular by the day when it comes to renting a car and discover Central America. The Inter-Countries Service from Alamo.nl makes it more convenient to travel and combine different destinations during your holiday. This is because this service enables you to swap your rental car at the border.

What does the service entail?

The Inter-Countries Service enables you to pick up your rental car at Managua airport and drop it off at rental location Peñas Blancas, both in Nicaragua. Peñas Blancas is located near the border of Costa Rica. The drop off charge amounts only 50 USD.  A transfer is arranged to cross the border and bring you to rental location Peñas Blancas in Costa Rica. Your new rental car will be there in order for you to continue your journey through Costa Rica. Despite the short stop, the service enables you to continue your journey in Costa Rica and make use of the one-way.

How to make use of the service

You can make use of this service by arranging an Inter-Countries Service at arrival in Managua airport in Nicaragua. The costs for this service amounts 50 USD and needs to be paid at the spot. Requesting the service takes a maximum of three days. Upon arrival it is important to declare a date and estimated time of arrival at Peñas Blancas in Costa Rica. This enables you to continue your journey in Cost Rica. This service is only being offered between Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

How to rent the rental car

In case you are planning to visit both countries, you have to book a rental car for each country by booking a one-way from Managua to Pénas Blancas in Nicaragua. It is essential to also book a rental car from Pénas Blancas in Costa Rica. This could also be a one-way to a different destination within Costa Rica. An example would be the rental location at San José airport. For this one-way, no drop-off charges have to be paid. Many customers prefer a four wheel drive.

Discover versatile Panama

Did you know that Panama is a very versatile country and can be added to your journey? Though, there are no Alamo.nl rental locations at both borders, which means you need to arrange your own transfer by hopping on the bus or taxi. At the border in Costa Rica it is possible to drop off your Alamo.nl rental car in Paso Canoas, after which you can take the bus from Frontera to David. This bus departs every hour. You can take a cab for the last few miles from the busstop in David to the airport. At the airport it is possible to pick-up your rental car and proceed your journey to Panama.

Customer service

In case you have any questions and need assistance to arrange the Inter-Countries Service, do not hesitate to contact our customer service department. 

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