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One-way from Canada to New York

A one-way trip between Canada and New York is getting more and more popular among travelers. The advantage of a one-way trip is that you do not have to drive all the way back to the location where you picked up the car, because you return your car elsewhere. At Alamo.nl it is possible to pick-up your rental car in the USA and return your car in Canada or vice versa. Did you know that you can also drive the popular trip between New York and Canada with your Alamo.nl rental car? This route will bring you through bustling cities, beautiful landscapes and untouched nature. We will list the most frequent driven one-ways between Canada and New York and we will explain how you can do so with your Alamo.nl rental car.

Montreal – New York

From Montreal to New York is a popular one-way trip. In Montreal, you can choose between two rental locations, Montreal Stanley and Montreal Airport. On your way to New York you will stop in Burlington to change your rental car. Burlington is located near the border, in the state Vermont. The drop-off costs (extra costs you have to pay to deliver your car at another location) are 199 dollar for the part Montreal – Burlington. The drop-off costs for Burlington to New York are 150 dollar. You can drop-off your car at our location at JFK Airport. Of course, you can also drive this trip in the opposite direction.

Pickup locationDrop-off locationDrop-off costsMileage
Montreal Trudeau AirportBurlington Airport$199,0095
Montreal Stanley DowntownBurlington Airport$199,0095
Burlington AirportNew York JFK Airport$150,00140

Halifax or Toronto – Boston – New York

Another popular route is from Halifax (Canada), via Boston, to New York. The drop-off costs from Halifax to Boston are 399 dollar. It is also possible to start in the city Toronto. In Toronto you can choose between three rental locations to pick up your car. These are: Toronto Union Station, Toronto Downtown and Toronto Airport. The drop-off costs for Toronto to Boston are 299 dollar.


When you arrive in Boston, you can also continue your trip by train. A train ticket costs 79 dollar. However, if you are traveling with multiple people, it might be cheaper to travel by car. If you travel by car you are also more flexible and you are able to make multiple stops. The drop-off costs for the part Boston – New York are only 99 dollar and you are able to rent an Economy Car for 50 dollars a day. At the end of your trip you can return your Alamo.nl rental car at JFK Airport in New York. Of course, this route can also be driven in the opposite direction.

Pickup locationDrop-off locationDrop-off costsMileage
Halifax AirportBoston Airport$399,00710
Boston AirportNew York JFK Airport$99,00230

Pickup locationDrop-off locationDrop-off costsMileage
Toronto AirportBoston Airport$299,00550
Toronto DowntownBoston Airport$299,00550
Boston AirportNew York JFK Airport$99,00230

Other one-way trips

Would you like to drive a different one-way trip? We are happy to find the nearest Alamo.nl rental locations for you. Feel free to contact us for more information. You always have to provide the required border documents yourself.

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