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Car Rental Tips

Employees of Alamo.nl regularly rent a car themselves and they love to share their ideas with you. We also post ideas of our repeating customers. This way you always knows the do's and don'ts when traveling with an Alamo.nl rent a car.

modified car

Rent a modified car without any extra charges

Did you know Alamo.nl offers a service to rent modified cars in the United States? If you have a physical disability and need special adjustments to your rental car, Alamo.nl offers various rental car options. This is how we ensure everyone is able to rent a car and will still be able to travel through America! No extra charges are involved for this service.

Inter-Countries Service

Inter-Countries Service

Impressive destinations like Nicaragua and Costa Rica become more popular by the day when it comes to renting a car and discover Central America. The Inter-Countries Service from Alamo.nl makes it more convenient to travel and combine different destinations during your holiday. This is because this service enables you to swap your rental car at the border.

Cruise Florida

Combine your cruise with a roadtrip through Florida

Port Everglades is a cruise port in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. On a daily basis, various cruise ships arrive and depart from this port from and to the Caribbean, among which the beautiful Bahamas. Did you know it is possible to easily combine your cruise with a roadtrip by car through Florida? Fort Lauderdale is the ideal location to explore the rest of Florida.


No rental cars available?!

Rent your car without worries. The rates include insurances, local surcharges, taxes, and, in most cases, unlimited kilometres. With almost 2,000 rental locations worldwide, there is always a rental location near your destination. But what if you experience difficulties renting a car, because there are no cars available for example? Fortunately, there are several alternatives. We are happy to help you on your way with the following tips.

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