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Rent a modified car without any extra charges

Did you know Alamo.nl offers a service to rent modified cars in the United States? If you have a physical disability and need special adjustments to your rental car, Alamo.nl offers various rental car options. This is how we ensure everyone is able to rent a car and will still be able to travel through America! No extra charges are involved for this service.


There are many options available, which ensures you will get a rental car that suits your physical disability. Examples of a modified car would be a different order of the gas and brake pedal or in which a hand throttle is engineered. We can ensure you the cars we provide are safe. Booking a modified car is upon request and needs to be communicated on time in order for us to settle what’s necessary with the chosen rental location.

How to quickly book a modified car

Alamo.nl makes it possible to book a rental car conveniently in the United States. Examples of popular destinations within the US are Miami, Los Angeles or Seattle and more. During the booking process it is possible to declare which modifications are necessary. We will pass on the desired modifications to the rental location and let you know if it is possible.

Similar convenient All-In rates

You will benefit from paying the same convenient All-In rate for renting a modified car as for a non-modified car. This applies for all Alamo.nl rental locations within the US. In case you have any questions concerning modified rental cars, do not hesitate to contact our customer service department by using our local phone number +31-30-6930136. Also, with a modified car it is possible to make a one-way through America. Request a quotation with us and discover all your options!

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