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Car rental Los Angeles Airport

Are you looking for a rental car during your vacation in America? Book your rental car through Alamo.nl and start your vacation in Los Angeles, California. The rates at Alamo.nl include all the required insurances, unlimited mileage and local- and airport taxes. Normally only one person is insured to drive the rental car, but if you choose our gold-package during the booking process you can add three more drivers to the list of insured drivers and you will get one tank of gas for free! If you are under 21 years old, make sure you choose our gold underage package. With this package drivers between 21 and 25 years old are sufficiently insured.

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Enjoy your trip through California with an Alamo rental car

Los Angeles is well known for Hollywood, the Oscars, Rodeo Drive, Disneyland and for being the residence of many celebrities. This amazing city is the perfect place to start your vacation in America. From Los Angeles you can easily drive to San Francisco or other cities in California such as San Diego or Monterey. With your Alamo rental car you can be certain about the fact that whatever roadtrip you make, it will be a comfortable one!

Why should I rent a car through Alamo.nl in Los Angeles

√ Unlimited mileage
√ Reserving a rental car prior to arrival is cheaper
√ You don’t need to own your driver’s license for at least a year
√ The required insurances are included
√ No drop off costs within California
√ Many different types of cars

Alamo offers you many different types of cars in Los Angeles

Alamo.nl offers you the perfect rental car for every occasion. It doesn’t matter if you are with a group of twelve people or together with a friend or partner, Alamo.nl offers plenty of different types of rental cars! The airport in Los Angeles is open 24 hours a day, which gives you the possibility to pick up your rental car at any time you want!

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