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Picking up your rental car is pretty straightforward and you will be on your way before you know it. It’s important to know that some countries might have different road rules than what you are accustomed to. Driving a rental car is slightly different from driving your own car. We have ample years of experience with booking and driving rental cars and would like to share our tips with you.

Parking in the city

Costs for parking in big cities can be pretty costly. Does your trip start or end in San Francisco for instance? Consider picking up your rental car in the city or dropping it off in the city. You’ll not only save on rental costs, but also on parking costs.

Toll roads

The use of toll roads can be inevitable. Especially in the United States it can prove best to use the “Fast Lanes”.

Crossing the border

Travel plans may change whilst on the road. You can decide to cross the border, even if that wasn’t your original plan. In most cases this is not a problem. When in doubt, contact the rental location or our call center.


You can get a parking fine or speeding ticket whilst driving your rental car, same as you would driving your own car. In most cases the amount will be deducted from your creditcard. Contact our call center if you would like to receive a receipt of the fine.

Roadside assistance

On your rental agreement you can find the telephone number you should call when you need roadside assistance. It’s always a good idea to call the emergency number to let them know you’ve encountered some trouble along your way. Even if it’s just a flat tire that you can easily get fixed yourself. Do make sure however to keep all the receipts.

What to do in case of an accident

Thankfully it doesn’t happen very often, but if you do get caught up in an accident always alert local police and ask for a (damage) report. We also advise you to contact the rental location. Should you be unable to proceed your trip, the rental location will take care of alternate transportation

After your trip

Should you have a complaint regarding your car rental, please contact us within 6 weeks after you’ve dropped off your car. We will do whatever we can to handle your complaint accordingly.

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