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Honest fueling policy

At Alamo.nl the customer comes first and because not everybody wishes the same, you can choose from several fueling options. Please check upon picking up the rental car which options apply and choose the one you find more convenient. Alamo.nl offers the following options:

In Europe

You pick up the car with a full tank and will return it with a full tank. It is advised that you refill the tank within 10 km from the return location. Please keep the receipt so you can proof that you refilled the tank before returning the rental car.

In the USA & Canada

When you pick up the rental car you can choose from the following options:


You pick up the car with a full tank and will return it with a full tank. Upon picking up the car you will not pay for the fuel. This is the cheapest option. Did you choose this option but are you returning the car with an empty or half empty tank? Then you will have to pay for gas used but not replaced. The price will be higher than the price you would have paid if you would have paid for the full tank of fuel upon picking up the car.

Full-empty, pay upfront

You will get the car with a full tank of gas and can return it with the tank empty. You will pay upfront for the full tank at the time of rental. In your rental agreement this is noted as ‘Fuel Service Option’. The price you pay for the fuel is written on a sign at the desk. Often it is slightly more expensive than the price at a gas station. No refunds will be given for unused gas.

Gold package / Gold Underage

If you chose Alamo Gold when you booked your rental car, then the Fuel Service Option is included. You will get the rental car with a full tank and can return it empty without extra charges.

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