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One way car rental

With the one way car rental option that Alamo.nl offers, you are more flexible and can enjoy more freedom. For instance, do you wish to pick up your rental car at the airport and return it in the city center? With a rental car from Alamo.nl this is usually no problem.

One way car rental

Often extra charges apply (drop off costs) if you return the rental car at a different location. The extra fee can vary depending on the location. If additional charges apply, you will see them on the screen when you make a reservation at Alamo.nl and they will be written on your invoice and voucher. Drop off costs will always have to be paid at the rental location upon picking up the car. They are never included in the amount you pay when making the booking. The drop off costs mentioned on Alamo.nl, your invoice and your voucher do not include any local taxes.

One way car rental in Europe

In most European countries it is allowed to return the car in another location. The cost varies from country to country. There may be charges if you rent the car for less than a week, but one-way rentals for longer periods are free. When you request a rate, any drop-off charges will be shown under the car rental rate. You can even do a one-way between different countries, so you can combine several countries in one trip. Within the Balkans, you may often cross borders, and international one-ways are also popular there. These one-ways between Croatia, northern Macedonia or Albania, for example, are on request. An international one-way between Denmark, Sweden and Norway is also possible if you apply to us. Feel free to contact our customer service and our staff will be happy to help you.

One ways USA

The United States and Canada have some rules and exceptions regarding one-way car rentals. For example, do you want to pick up your rental car at one location and return it at another? Then it is good to know that you cannot book an Economy car. One-way car rental does not apply to Economy cars. Within Florida or California, you do not have to pay drop off fees in some cases. Also, between San Francisco Airport and Los Angeles or Las Vegas Airport (and vice versa), you usually don’t have to pay drop-off fees.

One way between the USA and Canada

Through Alamo.com it is usually possible to pick up your rental car in the U.S. and return it in Canada, or vice versa. Sometimes there are some restrictions. There are a limited number of car types with which this is allowed and there is limited availability, so these reservations are almost always on request. Alamo.nl has about 17 locations in the USA where you can rent a car and return it in Canada. In Canada, there are 13 locations where you can rent a car that you return in America. A popular one way route is Seattle – Vancouver, but Toronto Airport – Buffalo Airport and New York – Canada are also in high demand. Are you unsure if there are drop-off charges? If so, please contact our customer service team.

South America options.

Are you going to Costa Rica or Nicaragua? Then you can use the Alamo Inter-Countries Service and combine these countries in one trip. Through this service you can easily exchange your car at the border and continue your trip. You can also add Panama to your trip. At the border you will have to travel by bus and cab. Read all about the Inter-Countries Service here.

One-way on request

The above one-ways are only suggestions and there are several possibilities. It may happen that the booking widget on our website does not show cars. In this case, you can manually request the one-way from us. We will then check availability and options. Please send your request to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Name main driver
  • Email address main driver
  • Desired pickup location, date and time
  • Preferred exchange location date and time
  • Desired Return location date and time
  • Car type indication
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