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Renting GPS Navigation?

Do you want to be sure that you do not get lost at your holiday destination? Alamo.nl offers you the option of renting a GPS navigation device. Renting a GPS is definitely not a luxury. For many drivers it is an essential part of equipment in their car and of course this also applies when you are on a holiday. Especially at an unknown destination it is good to have equipment you can rely on.

Renting a GPS device before you leave

When you rent a car in the USA or Canada we advise you to book a rental car including a GPS device. In step 2 of the Alamo.nl booking process you can choose this option. Did you not book a GPS device beforehand and do you decide to get one at the rental location then this is usually not a problem. Most rental locations offer GPS devices for rent at an additional fee of US$10,99 / CA$ 10,99 a day.

Taking you own GPS device

Most GPS devices in the Netherlands have a European map. Therefore you can use them in your rental car when you travel Europe. Of course you can also buy a map for North America.

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