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Toll roads

In Europe as well as in America taking a toll road is sometimes inevitable. Alamo.nl cannot avoid that you have to pay for toll roads but we can give you advice on how to pass toll booths in the USA with ease.

Toll roads in the USA


Are you planning a round trip by rental car in Florida? Buy a Sunpass! With this pass you save on toll costs and you avoid long waiting lines at the regular toll booths. A Sunpass costs US$ 25,- per rental agreement. This option is offered to you when you pick up the rental car. Next to the fixed fee of US$ 25,- for the Sunpass you still have to pay the fee of the toll roads (but usually at a lower rate).

Toll Pass Automatic (TPA)

Do you want to avoid the hassle with coins or bank cards? Then buy a TPA at your rental location. With this pass you have the choice of paying the toll fees on the road or later on. Did you drive a toll road without paying? Then you will be charged a Tollpass Convenience Charge (TCC) of $3,95 a day (with a maximum of $19.75 per rental period). The rental company also has permission to take the unpaid toll fees from your credit card. Of course you will receive a print out of the toll costs you made.

Toll Pass Waiver (TPW)

Are you driving a rental car in Chicago? Then you can choose to buy a TPW. For $6.99 per rental day all toll charges are covered.

Toll Pass Device (TPD)

Do you plan to drive through the northeastern part of the USA? Then consider buying a TPD at the airport for $3.95 per rental day (with a maximum of $19.75 per rental period). With a TPD all toll charges will be automatically taken from your bank account so you avoid having to pay when you are on the road.

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