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Dropping off your rental car

When you drop off your rental car, some administrative work is again part of the process. When you have a flight to catch, make sure to allow enough time to get to the rental location and drop off your car.

Opening hours

The opening hours of the rental locations can be found on the website, but are also noted on your rental voucher. The phone number and GPS coordinates are also noted on your rental voucher. Did you agree to drop off your rental car after hours? Please drop off your car at the designated area and leave your key in the drop box. You will still be responsible for the rental car until the office opens. Keep in mind that dropping off your rental car does take some time as well. In Europe the car will be checked again for damages and the findings will be checked with the form you signed when you picked up your car.


It’s important to keep all the forms you received and/or signed. If you have a question or complaint after returning home, the handling process will be quickest when you have all the original documents in your possession.

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