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As a member, you can profit from various benefits on your car rental. Through our website Autoshuren.nl you not only get access to Alamo rates, but also those of Hertz, Europcar, National and Enterprise. Autoshuren.nl always shows the cheapest price, and makes your choice even wider in terms of car rental supplier, price, car type and location. Just like Alamo.nl, Autoshuren.nl is part of Target Travel Services.

So don’t hesitate any longer, check out what membership suits you and sign up today. You will benefit immediately when you make your first booking.

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Members Only

Anyone can sign up as a Member! For the membership, a one-time fee of €17.50 will be charged during the first booking. But you will immediately receive the standard 5% discount on the car rental rate. Read more about membership terms and benefits for Members Only here.

Travel Agent

If you work in the travel industry as a (independent) travel agent, and are looking for a rental car for your clients, you will receive a percentage commission on our car rental rates. Read more about the additional benefits for travel agents here.

Travel Industry Member

Colleagues working in the travel industry are offered a discount on their or own carrental, or that of their colleagues. Read more about the additional benefits for Travel Industry Members here.

Corporate Member

For companies outside the travel industry, we also offer discounted car rental rates. Read more about the additional benefits for Corporate Members here.

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